Fotobewerking: eindelijk tonen wat je zag

Een extreem voorbeeld van toch simpele aanpassing die nu mogelijk is met de huidige techniek waardoor eindelijk de oude foto toch nog weergeeft wat de maker zag…

Gezien op How to Take Better Pictures- Ken Rockwell: (hele site aanbevolen!)

I was only inches away from the salt. This image is as it came out of DxO (raw-developer), with the slight exception of leveling the horizon a tiny fraction of a degree in Photoshop CS2’s lens distortion filter. Call up the filter (Filter > Distort > Lens Correction) and select the second tool down from the top left. Drag the cursor from one side to the other along the image’s horizon, and the tool will magically make it perfectly level.

I love the lack of light falloff here. I want your eyes to see the far bottom and corners, because it’s the texture and perspective which draws you into the image.

It’s hard, OK, impossible to see perfect level in camera, since I’m shooting with a fisheye lens.

What came out of the camera before rectification in DxO was this:

It’s only 30 years later with modern software that I can stretch out these fisheye images into something useful. Note my own shadow in the lower right.

Exposure determination was difficult. The salt is white, so everything is so bright that it is difficult to see the dim LCD of my 5D, even at full brightness. The RGB histograms are not very visible or accurate compared to my Nikons, so I bracketed by 1/3 and 2/3 stops down from my usual setting of -2/3 stop exposure compensation, used for most the other shots. This shot was made at -1 stop exposure compensation.


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